Semalt Provides Different Techniques To Stop User Registration Spam In WordPress

One of the major problems for the WordPress websites and blogs is the spam user registration. The spam user registration is also called spambot and user registration spam. This happens when the spam user accounts are created in a large number and at regular intervals. For instance, if your WordPress website lets user register for specific services or subscribes to the newsletters, the chances are that your site will be vulnerable to hackers and spammers. In one way or the other, the spam user registration is harmful to small and medium-sized websites. However, the large-sized websites with millions of views per day may not get affected by spam user registration. If your website or blog doesn't have the area where the users can signup for certain services or subscribe for newsletters, you may stay safe from the spam user registration. But if your site has both of those things, you should go to the Settings >> General area to ensure that not all persons get registered to your website.

Alternatively, you can follow any of these techniques from a top expert of Semalt, Jack Miller, to provide you with the protection on the internet.

1. Default Registration Page Redirects:

The default signups of WordPress sites are located in the area and are known to target the bots and spammers. They have been programs specifically and keep removing the fake users from your website whole day. An effective and useful technique to stop the spam user registration is by redirecting the requests from a default register page to the custom registration form page. For this purpose, you should use ProfilePress plugin that helps create the registration forms and gets them embedded to your desired pages through shortcodes, making it easy for you to handle the spammers and redirects online.

2. Google's Captcha:

Traditionally, captcha works on all big websites and provides test questions to the users, making sure that the spam user registrations are gotten rid of. If a user is not human but a bot, it would not be able to answer the questions or guess the puzzles. Besides its simplicity, Google's captcha is effective to stop spam user registrations and helps get rid of bots on the internet.

3. WordPress' Akismet:

It's true that Akismet is the most powerful spam fighting service on the internet. So far, it has provided services to millions of billions of WordPress blogs and websites. It protects your site from the spam user registrations and automatically blocks the spam comments of all kinds. This plugin is present in WordPress Plugin Directory and can be installed instantly. If you don't like captcha, Akismet is the right option for you as it does not irritate your users with lots of images and confusing texts.

4. Email Confirmation:

You should activate the email confirmation option on your WordPress site. This is a potent and powerful measure to block the spam registrations on a regular basis. This will require the users or subscribers to click on the confirmation links sent to their email IDs during the signup procedure. You can receive the newsletter only when you click on that link, and this option will prevent the spam bots from creating a mess for your WordPress site.

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